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I am a new member I have a question does this issue have mem

I am a new member I have a question does this issue have memory problems? My wife is saying I send emails to this girl I was talking to online for three years and I never saw her. I was about to see her when I changed my mind and didn’t because I came to my senses. But of course my wife does not believe me. Anyways there is prof of me sending emails because of the gps and time stamp on the emails. But I DONT REMEMBER!!! I am scared I am blacking out or someone has hacked my gmail account many times. It’s very scary since she has obvious prof but I just don’t remember. I let my wife change the password and she monitors that email account. This is so scary for being blamed for something I have no recollection of!

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Jul 30

My wife thinks I have been contacting this other lady. All I know is that I have not been contacting anyone. And my Finances seem to be in order

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Jul 31

Wayner 76, your wife has information and I assume emails that you have "supposedly" been sending and contacting some other woman. Do you even know the woman receiving the emails? Have you contracted the provider of your accounts and asked them about the possible breech of your email? Maybe with your wife have control over the accounts will ease her mind, and perhaps y'all should close the or those accounts together if it can't be figured out how your accounts have been hacked. One Day At A Time.

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Jul 31

another thought, close the email accounts, and start new ones. this will allow for all total control to be set up by wife and she can have no doubt of you sending messages. it is a pain to let others know about the new email address but for the sake of things, it might be a good thing.


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