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well I saw a ....sort of we are going


well I saw a ....sort of we are going to try very hard to try and find me an affordable place to live. The only problem is that I am already in geared=to -income housing so they may not help me. But we and me.... are going to stress to them how bad the situation is living here. I so have to move. the prop mgr. does not like me, and gives me a hard time. I went thru all of this with them 4 years ago. it ruined me. I cannot do another round. I am so so so depressed and live in constant fear of getting an eviction notice because I have bins in the apt. The prop mgr. does not like this at all..!!! this is a big big huge major issue with her. But they are out of the way. I have the smallest unit in the whole bldg. but she will not take that into consideration. And I know someone entered my suite a couple of weeks ago, but they are denying it. so every time I go out, I set a booby trap to see if someone has entered my suite, But this will not prove who it is. Altho. she says she is very strict about who has master keys, every since they changed the locks. But I know totally for a fact that someone was here. They have never ever read one single solitary doc note in 5 years. Or any reports. never ask about it, nor my mental state. They do with other tenants. They have a lot of power, and govern themselves. And if you get outside help, they will find the tiniest infraction, and give u a 14 day eviction notice. Mine would be mild clutter. oh brother....I am just beside myself. I just do not know what else to do. I have made a couple of calls, and left messages. but I cannot live like this. This may sound odd to most of you....but trust is a very sticky situation. I live in constant fear. I am so so very sad. I do not want to live like this. and I have no one in my corner. life is very very hard when u have a lot of issues, and no one in your life. Very very very know what I would like to do...........sorry for the long post. I am just feeling so very desperate..!!!!!

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Mar 17

Your situation sounds very stressful! I hope your counsellor will be able to help you find a better place to live. Sadly, it sounds like about the only thing to do in the meantime is to keep the property manager satisfied. Perhaps if she sees that you really are doing your best she will cut you a little more slack. I wish you the very best of good luck, and hope this all gets resolved RSN.

Mar 17

Dear Bud....thank u so very much for your kind words. They mean alot to me. I am still working very hard on the apt. And yes...i guess i will sort of have to play a game. I have never been like that before. But i have seen other people get better results than me, when they do that. SO i guess i have to go against what i truly believe in, and the game. I hope u had a very nice day. :):):)


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