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Ugh, I want to do something really stupid. I don't want to f


Ugh, I want to do something really stupid. I don't want to fall into that trap. I know it won't fix things. But part of me still wants to mess up

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May 14

It's an kindle fire (so Amazon)

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May 14

What has helped me prevent and/or stop self harming
1. Singing, repeating, humming lyrics to a song.
2. Bike riding ("30 minutes")
3. Swimming ("GYM", "lake")
4. Drawing/doodling
5. Don't think about yourself for longer than 10 minutes per day.
6. "Nothing is real, and everything is fine" quote for the mind
7. 30 minutes of exercising.
8. Reading articles/book ("positive")
9. Clapping: ("clap has hard as possible, redirects pain elsewhere")
10. Eat whenever you get an urge, trigger, image/flashback. It releases the same chemical as self harm but takes 30 minutes to kick in. I would recommend "Chipotle bowl". It helps me out of it.
All of the above mentioned are what has helped me get away from self harm. Today I am over 2 years 6 months. I don't think of self harm anymore.

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May 15

@Bush560 It's pretty much impossible to reverse on your own, I've had the help of medication and therapy and I still have only gotten worse. It's like getting addicted to a drug. I promised my parents I'd stop too, but I haven't, mainly because I don't want to. If I could go back in time and stop myself from first cutting, I would. My life would be much less of a mess right now if I'd never started. It's normal to not want to try, but make an attempt to distract yourself with other things that you enjoy doing. Maybe even just take a nap if it'll stop you from feeling the need to hurt yourself, sometimes that's the only thing I can do.


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