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Tw I was clean for a year and a half and I got so tired and

I was clean for a year and a half and I got so tired and depressed I couldn’t do it anymore!!!! So I slit my wrist and than I realize What I did and called my dad. He was in the front yard so he and my little sister bandaged me up and my mom took me to the hospital and I got 7 stitches in my arm. I stayed thair for two days and than I was admitted into a mental hospital which I stayed at for 16 day. When I got released I was a lot better but I’m bipolar so that doesn’t last long. About two weeks later I was cutting regularly again. I’m trying to stop I’m 4 days clean and I want to cut so badly!!!! I don’t know what to do.

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Feb 1

@littlestarsmum no I’m not seeing a therapist. I’m still having a lot of pain. My moods are going crazy and I feel lost.
Stable but they’re not in the right mood.

Feb 1

@Drawinghope do you have underlying health issues? auto immune issues also make you feel terrible and can also affect the brain. It would be good to have some blood work done at the doctors maybe

Feb 10

Just thought I would check back with you to see how you are doing?


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