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***TW*** I Am so fed up with my dad I'm so tired of him tr

I Am so fed up with my dad I'm so tired of him treating me like I'm 12 I never do anything right to him he keeps telling me I'm a disappointment I am sick of it I am cutting I don't give a flying f*** I am so sick of all of this bs I'm so sick of life I am so sick of f****** everything up and being a disappointment I just can't f****** take any of this anymore I just want one person cause he's the only person that makes me feel better and I can't be with him right now because of my f****** dad I just am so pissed off at everything I can't deal with family I just can't I hate my dad so much and I know your not supposed to hate people but I can't stand him he never trusts me he always says I'm a disappointment he always try's to find ways to yell at me I'm just so sick of it I don't know why I'm even still here if all I do is make people mad at me and disappointment them

Aug 15

Have you tried to talk to anyone in your family about this situation?

Autum1234's picture
Aug 15

@Jennipain I talked to my mom and she thinks he's ridiculous but she can't do anything


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