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***trigger warning***So this is the first time i have ever t

***trigger warning***So this is the first time i have ever thought about talking to anyone about my self harm. I have been a cutter since I was 10 and I am currently 26. I just started a new job and everyday I talk to people about getting the help they need and deserve and I have always had the thought that its okay I don't do it everyday. I can go months without cutting. I realized I may go months without doing it but I do it and I think about it everyday. I just needed to get it out there.


Well first I want to say welcome to the squad! Congratulations on working up the courage to speak out. I have had a very similar experience in that I would go absolutely nuts with my self harm then absolutely nothing. It's been almost a year clean but I still don't thing of it as a problem of the past. I always know it can snap back at any moment. I found because of this I had trouble taking myself seriously and really treating it as the serious issue it is, especially when I got similar responses from friends and family. I think you really need someone to take this seriously along side you because doubt is inevitable. Self harm is no one man battle. If you felt comfortable talking to a family member or friend I would recommend but there is no shame in not feeling like your there yet. Alternatively I would recommend seeking reassurance and later help in the form of therapy it can be both incredibly calming and helpful to sit down with someone and make a game plan. I understand this isn't a financial option for some however, I don't know what alternative options are available where you live but if they are available free clinics are also very helpful. Venting is also always welcome here when you feel overwhelmed or just want to word vomit. ;)

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Thank you for the welcome. I do talk to one friend about it all in past tense. She doesn't know about me still doing it once in a while. I dont know what stopped me from talking to her. And ive never really thought about therapy. can't afford it. thanks for the suggestions and the help.


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