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********* Trigger Warning********* Today has been b

********* Trigger Warning*********

Today has been beyond exhausting. Today has been filled with what I have now learned are panic attacks, and feelings that i've not had in quite some time. I had been doing so well with the issue of not self harming. I had thought about it quite frequently but hadnt gone through with it and I was struggling to just make it through the day without it. When the thought crossed my mind and the euphoric feelings of knowing what that release would feel like again, I was lost. I spent time trying to occupy my mind so the thought would leave and I could try to continue on about my day but the thought just wouldnt leave.
I ended up cutting myself after having not cut for a few months. I'm emotionally feeling better than I was earlier today but feel lost on why this happened. Why is this a go to for me? Why do I struggle with this EVERY time my emotions get the better of me? Does it ever go away?

I'm Sorry

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Nov 13, 2017

How are you doing today hun?

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Nov 13, 2017

It relieves your pain for the moment when you do it. That is just an outsider looking in though. I hope you are doing better today <3

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Nov 13, 2017

1. Eating helps relieve self harm and thought process.
2. Never think about yourself for longer than 10 minutes per day. Otherwise you will begin looping into negative conversations within your mind.
3. None of it is real. Images, urges, or triggers because you are not in danger. For instance, your in a room and you see an image of yourself commiting suicide. Than you feel intense feel, that feeling is makes you feel like there will be no tomorrow. You feel there is no future. But it is a false reality. Tomorrow morning, you will wake up again.
4. Sharpie marker where you want to cut. I drawed "incision markers". Like doctors cutting with sissors.
5. Do be around people who you do not like. Negative people, stay away it adds to self harm. Even if you hate you job or a place.


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