(Trigger Warning) so I have not cut in 16 years but have alw

(Trigger Warning) so I have not cut in 16 years but have always had urges on bad days. Today I broke a clear plastic pen and dug it into my palm. I didn't break skin but I left marks.... I feel ashamed but it also felt good. I know that's messed up to think that way but I can't help it. I just wanted to share this with people who would understand.

Mar 19, 2017

It's good that you didn't go for a blade, and 16 years wow that's amazing, even though you had a small relapse you are still going strong, hang in there

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May 10

My theory about self harm is do not cut. That will do more harm than good. However, 16 years is a long time !! That's great !! I have trouble at times myself. What I have learned is if I get hungry. I have to eat in order to stop myself. It may sound silly, but eating helps and listening to music. Sometimes, you have to do more. Start a hobby or browse the web like SG. Best regards


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