****Trigger Warning**** I have been sexually abused, raped,

****Trigger Warning****
I have been sexually abused, raped, tortured, beaten, and brought down by my girlfriend for three years. I only recently started hurting myself.. Just my arms.. I have been eating a lot less as well, because I am too depressed and sick to keep anything down. I don't cut extremely deep.. but enough to hurt.

4HowMuchLonger's picture
May 18, 2017

Are yu still with this person? Thats not a gopd environment for anyone to be in who wants to feel btr abt themself. Nd if yu wuldnt do it to yurself nvr let anyone else!

May 24, 2017

@4HowMuchLonger yes I'm still with her.. and I'm too weak to even care anymore.


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