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***Trigger Warning*** I had a dream about cutting last nigh

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***Trigger Warning***
I had a dream about cutting last night. It was so vivid, that when I woke up I had to look and make sure I hadn't.

The thing that scares me the most is how blissful those few moments where I felt like I had were. I could feel the slice of my skin... see the blood... that felt soo good. That scares me. I've been clean for 4 months, but I've been really fighting the urge lately. I don't want to go back and break all my promises, but I would give anything to feel that blissfully happy, calm and in control again.

Maybe I shouldn't drink red bull before bed anymore...

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Mar 14

I would comment on my view but it might be taken the wrong way. But you have to remind yourself that none of it is real. The good news is that you can dream


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