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**Trigger Warning** I had 5 panic attacks last night. Yeah,

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**Trigger Warning** I had 5 panic attacks last night. Yeah, I know, that's a lot. During one of those attacks I cut myself pretty bad. about 10 cuts on each arm and leg....40 in total. I haven't told anyone..not even my mother. I am honestly thinking about cutting my life shorter than expected.

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Dec 4

Thank you all very much but. No I do not have a therapist. I am in high school


@kafasa18 hey i'm also in high me its better to deal with the issues now then waiting cause it will only get worse.i have been in therapy for 2 years now and i have gotten way better then i was

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Dec 6

@Trumagirl_0312 - thank you for speaking up about this! Quite a lot of people are very suspicious of therapy, counselling, etc.. I've always found it very helpful, too. I'm glad it is helping you, and it really ought (in theory) to help anyone with a problem.


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