****trigger warning**** I feel like I've never been treated

****trigger warning**** I feel like I've never been treated right, people always treat me like s**t. There is a woman at work who always takes her frustration and anger on me. Whenever she's in bad mood, she always sort of yells at me, but not other people. Everyone is on her side and there is not much I can do. The job pays decent and I'm not qualified for any other professions at this moment. Honestly, I have no idea what's wrong with me. Self harm is the only way to release my negative emotions and I don't know how to stop this. I just want to stay in my room and keep cutting until I run out of place to cut. Sorry, I just needed to let my emotions out.

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May 16

Thank you for your comment. Yes, that makes sense, surrounding myself around positive people makes my day batter. It's very true. I know leaving my work is the best solution, but I really worked hard to obtain this profession and position. I've been working at the same company for over 7 years now. Also I'm so tired of this...having dual identity of being professional and being self harm addict. some people are just miserable in life, yes, I totally agree. It's very true. When I'm emotional, it's hard to think logically. Thanks again!

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May 16

@selfharmer2017 =), no problem, and remember 2 week notice. No harm done, and you can always return later. Just make sure you used your vacation and personal days. =)

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May 19

Do you like animals? Won't hurt to volunteer at an animal shelter and work with animals that won't judge you, love and accept you unconditionally.
I have learned my lesson in judging people by the way they look. IT IS WRONG, especially if you cannot help it! Our society is very judgemental. It seems like you have to wear makeup, or higheels, or have a certain eye color, skin color, drive a certain car.
The first thing you have to do is to love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally.
You know, I have a problem with hygiene, and keeping myself up daily. I assert myself, look into peoples eyes and say hello. Many look away, or don't say nothing at all. I don't look away, because maybe they have the problem of loving and accepting people unconditionally. I don't care. I love myself unconditionally and accept myself the way I am regardless of how funky I am. Sometimes I go out in public without a bra, and my boobs go WAY DOWN SOUTH!! Sometimes I feel embarrassed.But most of the time, I change my way of thinking to love and accept myself unconditionallt. You can too. You know, I have 2 nails on one toe on each foot. If a guy starts to date me, sees my flaw and gets freaked out, HE CAN KICK ROCKS!! This is the suit that God put me in. There is no turning back now. If you really feel low, look at the Video on youtube about deformities. I made my daughter watch the worat ones, and made sure to tell her that judging people HURTS!!
Show people how friendly and kind you are. You know, they save that when you save a persons life that the person does not look at your flaws, but looks at your character.For that is all that matters my friend.
Be blessed always, my friend.

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