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*trigger warning* Hey,am trying to stop self harm now to su


*trigger warning*
Hey,am trying to stop self harm now to supoort my friend who also self harms.NF music help support with my urges.Sometimes I want to be greedy thou cause I love self harm and they do too. It’s how I cope with emotions, distant best friend, my mistakes, low-self esteem and emotional abuse.It’s just my thoughts,
I know my friend was struggling, but when she felt happy from news. I just thought my recover is much deeper and why she could be happy (very selfish I think). Idk thou am trying to encourage her by stopping as well, because it’s hurting her.Diffcult.

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Apr 20

This is progress and I'm so glad things are moving forward. Keep up with the fight, okay?

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Apr 20

Self harm only gets you so far. I did at once ("love") the sensation but if I had continued, I would become the apart of something that will control me. At first, I was depressed. But after months of "voices" in my head, I developed ways to get around them. After that I had gotten "frustration". I was bend on "Destruction". My mind was wondering and I didn't realize that I was in a delusional state of my mind. I would see "images" showing me doing things that weren't part of my personality. It showed me breaking "windows". But repeating the lyrics to a song that I can relate too has been the only thing that has worked for me. I am now at 2 years and 5 months from 11/2015. I now know what makes my urges, images/flashbacks, and triggers happen. My advice to you do everything you can convince yourself that self harm is bad. It is not something that you should love doing. You should do something more. Try swimming, running, kayaking, riding your bike or something else to get yourself outside.

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Apr 20

Self harm, try self love. From your self to your self. Encourage them to self love as well, from their self to their self. You CANNOT fix another person. Only point out what they need to do in your opinion, otherwise if you try to fill eachother's whole in eachother's heart, you will simply become co dependent instead of independent and self confident and healed.


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