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Trigger warning ⚠️ So I’m literally due to re start

Trigger warning ⚠️
So I’m literally due to re start my shift in 20 mins and I’m having the urge to self harm obviously I can’t do it on my arms due to work
Someone help me!

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Oct 11

@Helpneeded1 how ya doing??

Oct 12

@SillySally43 tbh I don’t even know I keep breaking down and crying at night times :(

Oct 12

oh buddy. thanks fair. I think everyone on this board can relate. Are you in any sort of counseling?
Totally random: but have you seen the movie Inside Out? I just adore this movie and it gives such an awesome view of how our emotions work. One particular scene shows how you have experience sadness sometimes in order to end up seeing the joy. You gotta feel what you're feeling, but also take care of you. I hope today is a better day.


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