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**trigger** It's over between the emotionally abusive bf.


It's over between the emotionally abusive bf. He told me he knew he was bad person and had no desire to change anything about himself. He also said he can't trust me since my overdose. He thinks I did it to make him feel guilty for not wanting to commit. i have no idea how to make him understand that it wasn't him. It was my insecurity and abandonment issues. I felt like he abandoned me which triggered my emotions of not being good enough and being unlovable. So, this fight brought on a lot of emotions i don't have control over yet. Therefore, I cut. I cut the words SL*T. WEAK. C**T into my thighs. The sick thing is that i think they look good. I even told him i had done it and he only told me not to cut too deep. I feel like I'm crazy and maybe am trying to manipulate him into loving me.

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Mar 13

I am dealing with a similar situation. PLEASE contact me if you'd like. Don't let him tell you what to think and feel. You are valid. You are loved. Try to get some space from him (even though all you want is to be around him) and reach out to others. Seriously. If you think about sending him that text, don't. Send it to a friend or just write it out.

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Mar 13

I have 0 intention on talking to him again. I'll use all the willpower i have. It's just hard since I'm weening off one of my meds.
You can contact me anytime too, dear.


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