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To stop your mind from circling back to the same conversatio

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To stop your mind from circling back to the same conversation with self harm. You should...
1. Give yourself a quote. "I don't care because nobody else is going to be the one to safe me but myself." Or "I have to stop reminiscing about myself". Or make your own quote.

2. Develop a rule where you can only think to yourself for no longer than "10 minutes per day".
3. If you have to punish yourself for anything. You should...
A. Start to eat a meal
B. Excersing 30 minutes"
C. Swimming find a lake

4. Distractions have to work.
A. Drawing
B. Singing repeating humming
C. Excerising is always great.

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Apr 15

this is really excellent advice! thank you for sharing it with the group!

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Apr 15

I love these! Thanks for posting it!
Exercise helps me thru so many things!


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