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So...last night after I cut my wrist (not badly) I clicked a

So...last night after I cut my wrist (not badly) I clicked a hotline chat. I drank a bottle of wine while waiting for a took nearly an hour. I reached out to a sister who's been through crippling depression. She's never actually on line so I felt comfortable leaving her a message that she'd likely never see.

Why did she happen to be on line yesterday?

She called me and while we were talking, she messaged another sister who then called a cousin in another state who called my sister-in-law and yet another sister who both live very close to me. The sister and sister-in-law show up and let themselves in.

My wrist had long since been bandaged, but there was a bit of blood showing on the gauze.

They want me to go to the hospital. Not gonna happen. I know I'm not thinking logically, but deep down in my spirit I don't want to die. I just want to sleep carefree for a long time.

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Feb 11

You should go

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Feb 12

Your not stopping yourself because you don't want it to stop. You feel you deserve it. Instead of drinking and talking about it with anyone else. You should channel what you feel into beinging more creative. Perhaps, drawing, singing, reading, or excerising. Drinking is not the solution or hurting yourself.

Feb 13

Life certainly can bring tough time and struggles. These journeys may be brief or endurably long. My heart shares peace and comfort to you. Praise God for your reaching out to your family. I am so sorry for the wait time on the hotline, that truly disturbs me.
I do agree that reaching out for help it important to lead to healing. This is for another conversation, reach out when you are ready to hear.
Blessings to you and your quest to healing.


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