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So, last night I was in a very dark place. I was going to se

So, last night I was in a very dark place. I was going to self harm for the second time. The first time was this month but is was just me crying really hard and dragging my nails across my skin so I don't know if that counts??? I was trying to find a pencil sharpener but I got distracted by Loom-bands. Them small rubber bands that you can make into different jewellery. I'm so glad I did because I don't know how I would cover up the cuts.

I also have another question, if you consider suicide or self harm are you depressed? I'm really confused. Am I just... I'm not sure.

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Jul 5

Don't worry about the trigger warning. If your on this site, you should know better what to expect. No sweat, =) as for your questions.
Self harm is a drug. It's not a mental illness. Your unhappiness is because you are trying to stop but your mind is addicted.
1 day- 10 days is a Max high after self harm. After those minutes, hours, days or a week. Your mind will make YOU depressed. You will probably have a ton of issues with triggers, urges, images, flashbacks, voices, thoughts of suicide and HEADACHE ("note: headache is a non stop symptom of depression.
You don't have to commit suicide to feel depressed. You are depressed after you self harm. It's completely normal and it last up to 9 months of depression. After depression, you will feel frustration. Frustration can make you feel like everyone is out for you. This is scariest stage because I was never in full control. After frustration for an additional 9 months, you will develop paranoia where you can look at someone else and your mind is telling you that they are talking about you. Even if you are 20 feet away and you don't know who they are. At 2 years, this is where things start to end. You no longer have an issue with urges images triggers, flashbacks,

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Jul 7

@Error101 thank you very much, I'm so glad I decided to join this website. Everyone's been nothing but helpful

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Jul 11

@Shiros_Eyeliner sadly I think it is time for me to depart. I can not socialize with anyone anymore. The internet community, reality, or virtual reality will never understand me. =) But hay, I am used to it


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