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SEEKING GUIDANCE AND HELP: This is my first post, my very f

This is my first post, my very first time speaking my truth.
I have just been released from my fifth 51/50 due to cutting. I am finally on the right medications for my bi-polar disorder. For the first time in seven years I am feeling hopeful and confident that I can get past what I have put my body, my mind and my loved ones through.
That being said, to my fellow self harm support group, how do I get past the reminder on my skin every second of every day? I feel full of joy and then I look down to be thrown 1000 feet below in the dumps.
What can I do to stay strong when I have feelings of relapse?

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ellie.d's picture
Mar 10

There is always something better than self harm.

buddhabob's picture
Mar 12

You are fighting a long, hard war against the thoughts that would destroy you. Perhaps you can think of your scars as the direct result of that battle. Each one represents a fight in which you were hurt, but from which you emerged to fight again another day. You have cause for optimism that you may be winning the war! Hang in there, and you WILL prevail.

NormalFreak101's picture
Mar 13

Lyrics to a song. I like biohazard song by sonika. I would like the phrase "won't define who I am".


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