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****possible trigger warning ****Last night I got triggered,

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****possible trigger warning ****Last night I got triggered, I didn't relapse, and ended up falling asleep. Normally if I fall asleep when I wake up I don't feel the urge as bad, but today I still have the urge. The thing that triggered me keep popping back into my head and it's getting worse. Does anyone have any advice on how to get it out of my head? Or what might have caused me to STILL be triggered?

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May 16

Excellent advice from buddhabob and those courses are not a quick fix but extremely successful over the long haul. In the meantime, I've always found doing anything physical is always a help whether is a quick burst of jumping jacks, pushups, situps or the best is when the weather permits getting outside for a strong power walk. I'm usually winded at the end and I need to draw my focus in on my breathing. In turn the act of breathing helps me to draw into a relaxed yet focused mental state. If I still need some help getting out of my own head a Dove Dark Chocolate square with the little positive sayings on the inside of the wrapper usually helps. ;-)

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May 16

@backtonormal thanks I will try that :-)

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May 18

Read a funny book or do something you love to do! if you have a pet, maybe play with it. It helps me. Try drawing something:)


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