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I wish there was an self harm group near me like a group tha

I wish there was an self harm group near me like a group that just talks about self harm. Kinda like an alcoholic anonymous but for self harm.

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Jun 5

If there isn't a group you could attend, one on one therapy would be an excellent place to start.. I have some great resources on self harm I'd be more than willing to share with you if you'd like.

Aug 13

A lot of managed care organizations and also done therapists will have dbt groups. Dbt is supposed to be great to learn and gain effective coping skills. Maybe call around?
Your local NAMI has support groups/altho not targeted got self harm

Aug 15

@Zeraora Hi. Sorry for all you have gone thru (are you "Error101")???? You seem very familiar. I hope you can process your feelings about anything in the past so that you can go forward. You deserve good things in life


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