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I thought my mosquito bites itch and it's okay to scratch th

I thought my mosquito bites itch and it's okay to scratch them then scratch till the itching stops. I pick scabs and have scratched my foot cause of anxiety till it swelled up. I pick at my skin has become a way for me to keep calm even though i have no bad thoughts

CKBlossom's picture
Aug 11

What things can you occupy your hands with that will help, but keep your skin intact?

Aug 12

@CKBlossom drew on myself for some time but my family thinks i will get a lead poisoning

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Aug 12

Lead poison sounds funny, just a very little of ink actually contains lead :) but I understand - I'd scratch myself to blood, or I keep picking my black dots. Either try drawing where they can't see, or a rubber band on your wrist you pull and release for a little flick to your wrist...


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