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i haven't self harmed in a few weeks, but i'm getting desper

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i haven't self harmed in a few weeks, but i'm getting desperate again. it feels like an endless cycle that i can't break. i feel depressed and desperate and i'm not sure what else to do to feel better; the only thing that helps me is self harm. i keep resisting the urges, but i become more desperate and i usually end up giving myself bruises or using a knife instead of razors, i know that it's not much better than cutting, but since cutting is the most addictive to me it still comforts me to do other forms of self harm.

Sep 16

I am so sorry you are in this space, it is a hard place to break free from. Do you have a counselor you see? Maybe it would be helpful to try and talk to someone who has insight into other ways of channeling these emotions. Maybe you can find some help at this link Please know how valuable you are, that you are loved even in the midst of this storm. And know that we are here to listen and help where we can.... I will be praying for you

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Sep 16

@chaoticjoy3 - That's a good resource list - thanks for sharing! See also: for even more resources.

Sep 18

@buddhabob This is great! Thank you for sharing....


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