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I feel so stressed and feel like I can't do anything because

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I feel so stressed and feel like I can't do anything because i lack motivation. Even when I get some work done, it never feels like enough because there's just more waiting. I want to cut to take the stress away. Everything is making me angry and I hate feeling angry, I tend to cut myself when I'm angry. I brought my knives home with me I have everything I need. I don't see a point in trying not to.

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Apr 15

@briannabean it takes time and resolve. you CAN do this, ok? others have. why not you?

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Apr 15

As Norsey implies, changing the way you see things and react to them is not an easy process, but being patient and persistent will (eventually!) yield results. In my case, I'd say it took about 5 years to get a good handle on things, but that was largely a slow-and-steady process, not a lot of heavy lifting. Don't even *think*: "OMG! 5 YEARS!", just make a steady effort *every* day, whether you feel like it or not. OK, end of sermon :-)

Apr 15

I am sorry briannabean you are struggling again. You have received some good insight from norseduncan and buddhabob. As you mention you need to remember the anxiety will pass, you just have to get through it without acting on it by hurting yourself or focusing on the negative thoughts.

I have been working on becoming a health/life coach and learning we can change our self-defeating habits. It takes awareness and small steps. Each meeting we work on what is going well first? Think in your life what is going well. Then focus on that. Then we work on what is holding you back from doing what is best for your body and life, then we find an action step for you to accomplish for the week that will help you change that self-defeating habit.

One action step that I think would be helpful for you is called EFT - Emotional Freedom Training/Tapping. You incorporate positive self-talk with acupressure points. Here is a link to show you more. I think that I________, I feel that___________, I believe that I am_________. These are great positive statements to the tapping. You do it at least 3 times at each pressure point.

If you are consistent with this technique you will be able to turn those negative feelings into positive ones. Two other things I recommend is praying and trying to look forwards, not backwards. It helps if you have support from friends and family and work with someone like a health/life coach or a counselor.

I will continue to be praying for you and look forward to hearing how you are moving forward. I know you can do it and stop those negative self-defeating habits.

Please know you are not alone and share because we care. Sending Hugs and Blessings!

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