I’m new to this group but I know I need it because I get v

I’m new to this group but I know I need it because I get very frustrated and bad thoughts as far as wanting a way out.

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May 3

How can we help support you?

May 3

I need to get very honest with myself and you guys and tell you my truth and then you guys can help me

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May 4

This whole website is built on trust. There is no way to know who is really who - and that is the honest truth! My own personal philosophy (others might well disagree) is that we are like an AA group: I tell you stuff which I claim is about me, and you tell me stuff which you claim is about you. We all have a duty to take each other seriously and respond in a helpful, supportive fashion. That doesn't necessarily mean we believe everything we hear, but we try to steer people towards the light. Of course, there are trolls, bigots, zealots, compulsive liars, purveyors of snake oil, and all sorts of undesirables who make seek to disrupt our efforts. All we can do is to deal with them as they show their true colours. So, please tell us your truth and we will do our best to help you.


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