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How do i stop crying and heal from past mistakes and trust i

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How do i stop crying and heal from past mistakes and trust issues? I want to heal yet I do get these impulses towards myself. I don’t care to reveal my thoughts I already see many drs and have therapy so that’s already a work in progress.

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Jul 11

Thank you. I saw my counselor today and I conveyed a lot even crying I think I spoke about every issue that’s bothering me and I feel better! Now keep that in my mind smiles and hugs to everyone

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Jul 12

Thats great to hear :-) hugs

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Aug 13

Your past does not define who you are today kate86. You are stronger now then you were before. Make self harm work for you, not against it. My quote for getting along with myself in the beginning was, "There was nothing that i could have done differently at the time under my circumstances, and today i must move forward". Soon afterwards, you will change for the better. But find a quote that defeats the way you feel within your soul.


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