How am I? ****Trigger Warning**** how well can a self harme

How am I? ****Trigger Warning**** how well can a self harmer be? i self harm. i do it every day. and show no signs of stopping. the good thing, if there is a good thing is that i am not much of a cutter. i think what i do is worse though.

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Sep 13

I feel like j & h myself. I don't cut but I sometimes slap myself, pull my hair or scratch myself. It's a rare occurrence but when it happens I'm like wth was that?! It does give me relief like an outlet for my rage and it calms me down after getting hysterical. Mainly I scream and cry which also helps me feel better cause i'm getting the sad out

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Sep 13

@Marathemoabite I clap my hands together and that usually works best. Music, Drawing, throwing ice cubes or holding them in Palm can help. =)

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10 hours ago

I binge eat . I hit my thighs , been pulling my hair out since I was 5 and bite my nails and skin


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