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Hey everyone, Im new to talking about this but have been "cl

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Hey everyone, Im new to talking about this but have been "clean" from cutting for 15 years now. My family and friends still dont know about this and has been difficult to keep it that way. What are peoples experince with talking to others about this? Also does everyone still cover them or have some of you gotten comfortable with not covering them?

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Feb 10

group, can you help?

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Feb 10

@Jade4486 I’ve also been “clean” for many years and have only discussed it with my husband. It is definitely not easy to talk to other people about. At this point in time I don’t cover my scars anymore, but not to say I’m comfortable exposing them. It’s a little more about feeling the guilt and remorse if I forcibly hide them all the time. A reminder of what I’ve done to myself. Many have been tattooed over, but they’re still visible.


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