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I am only here give someone an app they can use to draw. I d

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I am only here give someone an app they can use to draw. I downloaded the "medibang paint" app awhile back. It is not bad, it is
simple and easy to do when your using a stylist pen. I just wanted to offer an outlet for those who want to draw there aggression, hate, or whatever that is on your mind.

P.s. it's free, and no crazy ad spam. What do you have to lose?

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Oct 9

Layers, in a drawing tool, is a feature that allows you to overlay several (partially) transparent images. Think: drawing on cling wrap with a sharpie, and then placing one piece of cling wrap on top of another. So you could draw e.g. a background, and then have various scenes of people to lay onto it.

Oct 9

Ooh, layers is the one thing one Medibang I can do confidently! You create the layers and you can choose the ordering, so say, line art on top to keep it all contained, and then skin coloring on bottom because that can get messy and the other layers block it out. Some people like to have an entire layer for just eyes and face so that they can resize and stuff. I like to draw people and creatures, not always human. Sometimes it's something I made up, a darklet(moth person) or a manticore.

Oct 11

I don't draw much online (the pictures are awful), I prefer to draw on paper. I'll see if I can post some pictures of my art. It's mostly of moth people, I'll warn you now. Sorry if you're scared of bugs :)


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