**trigger watning**** I'm in desperate need of support. M

**trigger watning****

I'm in desperate need of support. My dau has gone severely wrong I've been crying for hours I self hared again. I got into a semi fight with my supervisor over the phone and they made blatant lies about me. They're accusing me of something when I haven't been there in weeks. My union rep called and I'm making a complaint, but I so hurt. I'm a failure at life a failure. I went to seek a therapist and she straight out told me intake is $350 and after is $150. I walked awY crying and sat in my car crying. I need support. I have next to no ine who gets me. Relatives don't. I posted here cause I needed to let this out I'm so hurt in pain

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May 3

@rose520 I don't believe in God. If you do, that's fine, but I don't. Tyvm

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May 4

OK, let's keep the religion out of this discussion, please! Some people get it and some people don't, and it's almost always contentious. I will start flagging and deleting posts that are un-supportive.

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May 4

I've been there a few times with the work thing. A lot more every year since I came home from Iraq and got out of the military. I also understand what it's like having family and friends (ones I've know for years) that do not understand. I've been there, and am still there. There are many forms of help out there that don't cost a dime. You can also contact a 24/7 crises line. Don't forget, and don't wait if you think you need to CALL 911. They will also direct you to resources in your area. I know that I'm not really giving much specific info of those resources, but I am a Vet and I only have used those resources. I also don't know what your area is like sticks vs. city. I have also done the 911 and gone to the ER. It always is a bigger and better person that is strong enough to say that I need help. I hope that this helped some. We on here are all in this together.


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