****TRIGGER WARNING**** self harmed again. I tried my har

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self harmed again. I tried my hardest the last two days an everything was fine because I was completely busy w school and my meds are working. but today I messed up call it a mistake. I can't control my behaviors, almost broke another tv today, instead of reacting to that I fell back I dont remember why, but I fell backwards an slammed the back of my head on the hard floor, got quiet and weird inside my head, then I opened my eyes. part of me wished I had a seizure so people can see I can't handle it. I make everybody suffer because I feel like I can only help myself. I dont trust any kind of doctor. so GROUP thank you for being here for me an being THE MOST LOVING, CARING PEOPLE, EVER.

May 3

You’re right, we do love you! And the fact that your going through this is terrible. But please, dont give up because that would break so many peoples hearts. If you dont trust doctors, than you can always turn to God (not trying to offend you if this is not your religion). But he cares about you, even when you think he dosent. You were put on this earth for a reason and you may not believe it, but you are definetly amazing. Im not saying that as oh this girl needs to feel good about herself so im going to give her a compliment, no, i really mean it. You are amazing. We love you so much, and if people need to give up extra time to help you than so be it! You deserve any help you can get! And you might think that its a burden for others when they help you, but helping people always makes you feel better about yourself. Youre body is a temple, and you are beautiful. We love you SOO much and things will get better for you. Dont loose hope! please

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May 3

You can handle anything that comes your way. You are stronger than you realize. I told you once and I'll tell you again. I got you, and it's ok to slip up accidents happen, just keep fighting and moving ahead. Don't dwell on the past or the negative things.


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