I have choices to make: A. I can die next week. B. I can c

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I have choices to make:
A. I can die next week.
B. I can continue with my unemployed.
C. I can go to jail next week.
D. I can runaway to Hawaii and continue doing the same thing.
E. I can self harm again next week.
F. I can get a job and feel underworked.
G. I can return to NJ.
H. Hang out in the mental hospital.
i. Return to my 1-5 job and begin begging for another chance.
i1: I think I was hallucinating. It's hard to tell between images and it then.
J. I can start using drugs
K. I can use the male part of marijuana daily to feel better.
L. I can become a bum and starve myself because I don't ask for help.
M. I get mental health, become heavy sedated, continue to loose my job, steal a tank, go to jail, do drugs, have a place to stay then punch something and never leave neverendingland, and live that way alone, heartless soul roaming around. Die and become a ghost (hopefully: ghost)
No. I won't do anything above.
Or. i can try something new, and get the fear back that I could loose my job and want to stay. Maybe earn a bit more, work less and maybe enjoy the weekend off.

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Apr 19

I have this issue all the time. Have you considered self-employment? You can make your own hours and set your own prices. Those that are not challenged enough challenge themselves. Keep researching, studying and figuring out how you want to help others. Continue to challenge yourself and maybe you need to work more than one job. I've done massage therapy. It was very rewarding. I chose my own hours. I charged my own prices. You're obviously meant for greater things. You just haven't figured out what yet...

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Apr 19

@Tundra yeah I am thinking of a contractor or something else. I have to see how things will turn out first

Apr 19

@Error101 Good luck, Boss :)


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