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What should I do about self esteem if bullies are always bul

What should I do about self esteem if bullies are always bullying me?

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Aug 10

@Breathe75 posted a good article. Hopefully you have a supportive parent ... or is open and willing to read this web article.

Aug 10

I was at the school that was full of bullies and i was afraid every single night and day. I managed somehow to lay low and get best of it but i know how you feel.But trust me pople that bully end up bullied from life. I can tell you only to breathe and be patient and have faith. Talk to your parents or someone you trust in hard times. Stay strong!!

Aug 12

I am sorry this is going on. I know what you are going through, I have been through it myself. I have learned from experience, that "Hurt people- hurt people"... Have you considered talking to your school counselor? I will be praying for you and also for the bullies. Hope to hear from you soon.


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