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We have a lot of issues in our relationship in that if he wa

We have a lot of issues in our relationship in that if he wants to meet me and I say im busy he threatens to block me, he will call me psycho and fat and say comments like I need a boob job just in order to knock my self esteem. When I first started talking to him I went on his snapchat and he had loads of various pictures of naked girls when he was with them and they didn't know the photo were being taken and Im also worried that he may have done stuff like that when I was sleeping. Also he threatened to block me if I didn't send him nudes.My boyfriend has gone away for the weekend with a friend and I found a picture of him on his story with the girl cosy in bed and a picture if his friend with a girl on his mates story. I called him and I said have you had sex with her? and his mate shouted yes in the background. I have forgiven him once before for cheating.The worst thing wasn't the fact he had had sex with another girl but that I could hear the girls in the background. Then he said he was going out and blocked me, now I have to lie in bed knowing he's out with them without any contact.

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May 14

It kind of sound like you should let follow through on his threats. Threatening for nudes is not okay no matter who the person is or how close you might be. I'm sorry it hurts though. It's hard to care about someone who doesn't care back

May 14

Let him go. He showing you who he is. You can't change him n just bc you love him do not mean he the one for you. Let him go n don't look back. Don't fall for the fake I'm sorry I won't do it again. Yes he will. If you take him back you will b miserable n life full of drama. You fall imrove again hopefully with someone who knows how to love n treat a queen. Look up Robert Blake Jr on you tube. He talks about relationships n even narcissism. He will be very helpful yo you.

May 15

Hello, Thanks for reaching out. Please know that you don't deserve to be treated this way. I see you are very strong as you put up with him. Also, you are a lovely young woman who deserves to be respected. This man has shown negative signs and he is not good for you. I know it's difficult and I have been there but it's time to move on. A good man is encouraging and faithful. Please know you deserve the best. Best wishes!


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