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there are so many things I hate about myself. yet no one und

there are so many things I hate about myself. yet no one understands. I express my insecurities to people and they shut it down like I have no reason to say anything. It hate it. When i keep it all to myself it gets worse. I hate my body. I hate my acne it makes me so insecure and embarrassed. I wish I knew what i looked like to other people.

GirlKitty's picture
Apr 16, 2019

@LaurenRose28 I'm really sorry you're hurting and I'm sorry anyone ever shut you down when you were talking about how you feel. I think how people see you is a clue in those who shut you down, they obviously believe you don't have any reason to dislike your appearance. I'm sure you're more beautiful to other people than you are yourself. I'm often surprised when someone describes me a beautiful or pretty, I really don't feel either apply to me, but I've learned to accept their compliments.
What have you done for your acne? If it's really bothering you, you may want to consider seeing a doctor about it. There are so many good ointments and medicines now that can cure acne. I feel sure you notice your acne more than anyone else does.


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