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the only people i consider as friends got out today with eac


the only people i consider as friends got out today with each other and when i called them to ask if we could plan to go out later , but they all said they are busy today and then they uploaded a photo of them hanging out together with a caption that said " because friends are life " . i have never felt that lonely before :'(

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Apr 14

People are mean!!! Period... some people will do anything to be popular, it’s sad when adults act like children and can’t grow up, when I’m at work, I feel like I’m back in high school!!! People are so childish and everyone wants to be accepted so nobody stands up for themselves except me so everyone feels the need to orchesize me and it’s sucks at times but I try to not let it get to me but it’s can become overwhelming?!

Apr 15

@john94 with these types of people it does not matter how nice you are to them...if they have a preconceived notion about you and have already made up their minds then there's NOTHING you can do to change is a personality is a is a mindset...unfortunately, this "type" is growing in numbers...the accepted social norms are what is fueling this...I watched a documentary recently called "who is bob"...due to what has happened to me, I kept thinking this town of people is exactly like the place I was sick and sad to see how they all decided not to like him and they all treated him horribly without really knowing anything real about him...rumors are happens EVERYWHERE...I'd say that it is an American epidemic at this point...please know that you are a valuable person and that their actions and cruelty are just a reflection of who they are inside...sometimes when everyone around you is not nice then being the black sheep is a good thing...

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Apr 15

@MsCarissa010 gang mentality is the worst...and then you have to take a look at the leader of that group bc then the maturity level of the gang will be no higher than that of the leader's...if the leader is not a very smart person then all the others will fall suit right behind that person and things can get ridiculously infantile at times bc of I totally agree with you that even adults do this and it is a SHAME!!!! sad, sad, sad


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