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Thank you so much. As always you're such a big help. If I ma

Thank you so much. As always you're such a big help. If I may ask, is it also normal to wonder if he's really a narc. Sometimes I am not hundred percent convince. Sometimes if I really think about it maybe I am just impossible to predict and I just don't know what I want from him and pushing him away in the process. Maybe he just wasn't that in love with me. I am sorry I don't know how to explain it because right now my mind is going back front. I mean seeing there photos earlier makes me think that he's really trying to keep this one. I mean he doesn't treat her as bad as he treated me. For some reason I can see in her the ex he was talking about before. The ex that he cannot forget. He describe his ex as carrer oriented, prim and proper, smart and came from a good family which is my total opposite. I came from a broken family and I am not that girl next door type of girl. I am this adventurous, spontanous, indecisive, come what may girl. I love a big and loud parties. I used to smoke and drink I mean I just love the bad girl image. I am not a straight A student but I can pass my subjects if I want to. I can learn stuff if I want and have to. My goal is very vague. I just want to finish school and get a job. I am so different from his ex whom he loved so much. 

However this new girl is somehow like her. I mean she already has a job and he graduated from the university where her ex graduated from. And here in the Philippines it's like one of the top university. 

I feel this strong self pity and insecurity that I am trying to supress. I keep trying not to compare myself but i just feel so inferior. And I keep thinking maybe this is the reason why I wasn't important to him because I am not just his type, the kind of girl he wants to keep. 

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Jun 12

Narcs can be Prince Charming in the beginning. Don't doubt what you know to be true.

Jun 12

You're right. I should stay with my guts and with my first hand experiences of his nightmares. Thank youu. :)


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