Mr. Brightside, that's hilarious by the way. What's up, i

Mr. Brightside, that's hilarious by the way.

What's up, i'm new here....and i'm supposed to have my **** together, but I don't.....and nothing i do, makes me feel like a worthwhile human that how this works? Haha....not used to saying crazy things like that out loud...

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Feb 18

good...maybe it'll help with my skin crawling all the time.....i mean...that's what it was prescribed for.

Ms.Peacemaker's picture
21 hours ago

@aflalo22 hope it helps

4 hours ago

thanks....i think it helped a was very odd....i felt.....very very very depressed in the morning, and then so excited and "up" as opposed to down that is... Now i'm very very low again....for the most part.....I'm really starting to wonder if i've been bi-polar this whole time....or....if i'm just a coward?.....i need to talk to my therapist tomorrow


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