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I've been thinking alot lately. Or maybe its just because it

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I've been thinking alot lately. Or maybe its just because its late at night and I have nothing else better to do. But I keep asking myself the question, "where did I go wrong?" I keep blaming myself for this whole year, for how I feel, and for everything else. I'm coming to the realization that I went wrong in alot of areas. With friends, with my mental health, and other stuff. But then I'm thinking, what does it matter? We have all went wrong at some point. We've all made wrong choices, wrong moves. What really matters is that I correct them. That I make them better. This is a huge thing for me because I'm done blaming myself. I'm finally done making things harder for myself.

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Nov 16

Great to hear. Keep up the good routine.

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Nov 17

@Believerinbetter I agree with @MrTinMan. Reading the Bible every day can definitely help with having Almighty God's view on matters and help us to make sound decisions. I especially find reading Psalms to be comforting and Proverbs to be very practical. Where you able to look at the online Bible Lessons yet? If so, how was it for you?


Dear Believerinbetter, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. These forums are great for sharing our concerns, and venting. It is understandable for what you are saying here. Life is not without problems, however, you are right in saying as individuals learn from our mistakes and wrongdoings and correct ourselves. Perhaps have you thought of seeking therapy or counseling if such thoughts are bothering you. Counseling or therapy works through things like this. You are worthy and valuable of fighting for. Therapy can help you to overcome these thoughts. I hope this helps. Sending you hugs. I’ll keep you in my prayers, my friend.


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