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I was helping one of my mom's friend's son move stuff from h


I was helping one of my mom's friend's son move stuff from his dorm to our house. There were a bunch of boxes so we had to take separate trips from the car to the dorm. He had carried a big box full of stuff into his dorm to bring on his vacay. During that trip, my mom had to stay back at the car to organize some stuff and told me to go up with him and help him. We went up to his room together and as we were walking through the door, I had asked him if he needed help carrying the box, "Do you want me to help you carry the box?" but I accidentally said, "Do you want me to help me carry the box?" (We talk to each other in a different language) I didn't realize what I said until I said it, and got super embarrassed. He thankfully understood me and said, "No, thanks" but it was still super embarrassing. Idk why, I always get nervous talking to him, even though I rarely talk to him. He's the same grade as me, but almost a year younger than me.

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Jun 10

Yeah, shouldn't let "slips of the tongue" effect your self-esteem. Even us, native born English speaker do it frequently. So, don't be down on yourself for misspeaking in a foreign language.

Jun 11

Don't feel bad! I meet native English speakers ALL THE TIME who mess things up, including me! Have you hear of the comedian named Brian Reagan? You should look up his sketch called "Take Luck" on YouTube. It'll give you a good laugh and hopefully make you feel a little less awkward about the slip! ;-)

Jun 12

That sounds like a sentence mistake anyone could make, especially if nervous. I would also feel embarrassed as you did. Don't let it consume your mind. The situation is over.


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