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I love myself :D Today is great. Got back with my ex of two

I love myself :D Today is great. Got back with my ex of two days. It was a living hell. We got back together yesterday and we set boundaries, made goals, and when we fight, we are going to count to ten, if that doesn't work, count to ten then spend an hour or an hour and a half alone to give us time to feel better. Everyday is getting better now. I love him. We have strong love right now! We never have. He is actually looking up tips on how to be in a HEALTHY relationship! Do you guys have any tips we can use for any time in the relationship? Thanks! --

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Mar 14

you are off t a great start. communication is key. not heated communication, actual communication. its ok to disagree. how weird would it be if you never did? but disagree respectfully


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