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I have been beating down to nothing by my husband. I am so i

I have been beaten down to nothing by my husband. I am so insecure that I am terrified to be alone. I have trouble meeting new people. I automatically assume they just dont like me. I am trying so hard to break free from my husband and I want to rebuild my confidence. I am so sick of being this way. I hate that I care what other people think of me. Life is so precious and I am wasting it being depressed and thinking negatively about myself. How is it that I dont think I am worthy to make new friends or that I am worthy of having real love. Anyone else go through this?

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Feb 13

@Sschill102 are you able to see a counselor or you could consider calling domestic abuse hotline numbers to actually talk to someone anonymously when you are alone they can give you guidance and support.

Feb 15

I hear your cry for help. Those were my exact words once. The hardest part for me was the struggle to take the first step out of the pit. I knew if I stayed the pit was only going to get deeper and darker and eventually I would completely lose myself, my identity, my whole being. I hear it in your words, your voice, your struggle, your desire for a better life. It's so easy to just continue hiding behind insecurities and fear, but what are the consequences? You become your own collateral damage. You rebuild your confidence by taking that difficult first step, then the second. As you continue moving, don't stop because if you do, you will start second guessing yourself and his voice will get stronger in your head as his words will beat you back down again. Keep moving forward. People don’t dislike you, that’s a lie. As your confidence increases (it will take time), you will continue to get stronger in the process, and you will make new friends. You are worth saving. You are worth saving. Be smart and have a plan prepared.

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Feb 17

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. I think seeing a counselor would be very beneficial to you and help you feel more in control of your thoughts. I never thought I needed to see a counselor until I was going through something similar to you, and she helped me tremendously. Thank you for being brave and we are here for you anytime you need to vent.


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