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I hate who i am anymore. I have 36 yrs experience between re

I hate who i am anymore. I have 36 yrs experience between retail n automotive n i can't find a job that pays. I've been living below poverty level all my life. I'm bout to walk out of life permanently.

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Jun 8

@jbdonald That is a great resource and perspective!

Angel. I didn't mean to discount your brothers so fast either... Can u reach out to them and their families and connect? U may have to make the first move. And the second and third moves lol. Perhaps there are family connections to revive there?

Technofreak's picture
Jun 9

Hopeful you will eventually not believe what you think. I know it can be hard but it is not impossible. Every day is an opportunity to explore options. We just have to keep trying.

Jun 12

Hugs to you! I wish you better days ahead. Could a temp or placement agency possibly help you? Do you belong to any trade associations that post job openings?


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