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I feel so bad about myself .. my looks especially, My husban

I feel so bad about myself .. my looks especially, My husband says im sexy and beautiful but is always pointing out my weight.. he has cheated on me in the past and he looks at sooo much porn and nude pictures of women oh and twerk videos on multiple sites tumbler, Instagram, youtube and i just want to cry when i find out .. and i hate that i pry and look though his sites what to do i do not want to be this way ... How can i get him to stop .. we have talked about it and i did ask him to stop and his excuse is that he is a man and its normal oh and he needs his privacy i should just stop messing with his stuff

Dec 4

That isn't normal. He has the issues and his issues effected you in unhealthy ways. Men like that make me sick. I'm sure you are beautiful your looks has nothing to do with his obsessions with naked women and sex. Men that behave that way are warped.

Dec 6

With the onset of the internet porn is coming into our homes It is so convenient and so quick. The temptation for men is to go to look at It, unless because he feels faithful to you enough that he purposely avoid It. It has to hurt so bad for you to feel bad about yourself. But remember, your personal value does not come from your husband, especially when he belittles you like that. You are created to be special, beautiful and valuable. Do the best you can to be kind, nice, and surround yourself with female friendships that can lift you up and tell you what I am telling you. Perhaps you need marital counseling and really talk out some of these issues. men can also go to porn when they feel distance from their spouse as well.

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Dec 6

This has happened the cheating and he will put the phone on the bed under the sheets while we make love and thinks I don't know I have confronted him he even takes the phone I'm the shower I feel like crap because I don't even want to be intimate after


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