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I feel so bad about myself .. my looks especially, My husban

I feel so bad about myself .. my looks especially, My husband says im sexy and beautiful but is always pointing out my weight.. he has cheated on me in the past and he looks at sooo much porn and nude pictures of women oh and twerk videos on multiple sites tumbler, Instagram, youtube and i just want to cry when i find out .. and i hate that i pry and look though his sites what to do i do not want to be this way

Jennipain's picture
Dec 4

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you have a weight issue. Your husband should accept you for who you are and if he feels you are sexy than that includes the weight. You need to love yourself for who you are if you feel you need to lose some of the weight do it if you are happy with the way you are than just love yourself. xo

Dec 5

I agree with jeenipain, however everything you said about your husband raises red flags for me. Don't feel bad to check things out....I learned t hard way that verify is key to the saying trust but verify.


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