I feel like my inspiration for life has gone away. I think m


I feel like my inspiration for life has gone away. I think my bf is emotional abusive to me which is not helping. I'll try to get myself excited for what the future holds, but this last month I drink, cry, sleep, repeat. I'm unemployed, mid 30s, and the only one I talk to is my dog.

Apr 8

Hugs! This pandemic is a challenge for sure. Are you getting some assistance to help pay bills at this time? Do you like to learn? Are there any free classes you can enroll in, even if just one class. It may help to connect with people on a commonality. Feel free to keep posting on SG.

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Apr 8

How are you doing tonight. Seems like if you feel alone with this guy , you should just get rid of him. Allowing someone to abuse you in any way is only going to make your life harder.
Can you just leave and start fresh somewhere else?

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Apr 9

Yes, access local support from abuse if available. Emotional abuse will takes its toll.


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