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December 3rd, 2020


I don't think I've ever I liked myself in my life. Once in a

I don't think I've ever I liked myself in my life. Once in a while I get a compliment its like I don't hear it at all and everyone gets mad at me. I feel like my feelings about not liking myself are invalid.

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Nov 19

I'll look into the book you mentioned. and thank you for the advice. ill try the writing down things and see if it helps

Nov 21

You are not alone with your feelings, I can bet most people feel the same but some hide it better than others. At my age I've learned not to care anymore about what others think of me, cuz it's none of my business. If they want to waste brain cells about my behavior or my mistakes then they are wollowing in their own dissatisfaction.. For me, I just try to respect and cherish everyone I meet because they always teach me something. Think about it, your are unique, there's nobody else in the whole world like you.. That's something to celebrate!

Dec 2

I really am trying to feel more like that its just really hard.


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