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How do you build self esteem and self confidence if you've n

How do you build self esteem and self confidence if you've never had it to begin with?

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Jun 12

I try to find where it started and understand where it came from, so I can learn to unprogram the negative thoughts. But some people can simply move forward just by building positive affirmations. It takes time, and a commitment to be nice to yourself.

Jun 14

What a hard thing. Unfortunately, many of us weren't properly loved as we were growing up. I actually was. My childhood was full of my parents' love. I mattered as a person. My needs physically, socially, emotionally were met. That upbringing put the knowledge that I am lovable deep inside my soul. Now, when people don't seem to love me, I truly figure there is something wrong with THEM.

But each one of us is lovable! How other people treat us cannot change that fact. My pastor often reminds us: "You are a child of God." Logically, if you were created by a God, so he could love you, you are inherently lovable. You can esteem yourself because God esteemed you first. Nobody can refute that. That is why each of us was created.

Knowing that about God was easy for me to understand because I was well-loved by people, but the truth is the same for you. You are a child of God. You are Well-Loved by the best lover in the universe.

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Jun 15

Confidence is within you always. You may not be using it enough to see it for yourself. All the research I have done supports that if one builds on the things that one enjoys, build yourself and the things you have a passion for, you work, school, career, etc. This will be the building blocks of being confident. It is at least a starting point.


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