How do u start to love yourself

How do u start to love yourself

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Jan 16

Pauline I think someone suggested a self help book on increasing self esteem. I've read many of these type of books and they have helped me in numerous ways. Having been brought up by alcoholic parents and raising a son with issues of low self esteem, I believe it is important to focus on having goals and accomplishments in life. This and education, whether formal or not, can boost self esteem since they broaden your horizon so to speak. As your self esteem increases, your perceptions will become more accurate and you will be less prone to anger. You can start with little things depending upon your situation.

Jan 16

Thank you so much . that is very true every time I have went through something traumatic I would go back to school when I was going through a divorce ,I went back to school I had a death and I pulled myself together went back to school.. when I raised two children and while I was raising them alone I was in school for something different.. so you’re right and right now I’m taking a small program online it’s not really helping me at the moment . I don’t know what’s happened to me that I have become so completely overwhelmed, depressed and obsessive thinking with how I do not have my children in my life I don’t know how to move forward. I focus on all the people around me and the great relationships with their children and their great relationships with their family and I don’t have any of that and it pushes me back. I’m lonely and full of despair and I don’t wanna feel this way I don’t . I used to be able to pull myself out of things not sure what’s happening I just can’t do it .I don’t know what’s wrong with me .someone told me maybe it’s menopause but I don’t know . I think about my children all the time and my past and wanna be around them and they don’t wanna be around me and I can’t really blame them because honestly I sound needy and crazy. but I don’t know what to do I don’t know how to fill my life.. I’m so lost!!

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Jan 28

Love and hugs to you. I created a new video about being good enough on my YouTube channel, In the Calm, for my friend's daughter and all of the support groups here: I hope it helps to lift your spirits.
Love, Grace


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