Hi guys, is there any secret or closed facebook groups I cou

Hi guys, is there any secret or closed facebook groups I could join to talk to people? i need help

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Aug 14

I feel like my insecurities won't let me be happy. I'm always thinking about the future, about the worst case scenarios for everything. I have a beautiful daugther and a lovely girl, who I'm thinking about marrying; however, I feel like something is wrong with me that won't let me be happy every.

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Aug 14

Chato92, don't think like that, you have a child who looks up to you and hopefully a soon to be wife. Trust me bro, I went through the same thing and let my PTSD and depression get the better of me and now 17 years of marriage is now over cuz my wife dealt with to much of it...she tried her best to deal with my problems but I couldn't overcome the demons i was fighting with. Think of yourself as a better person now and trust me everything else will fall into place, keep your head straight knowing you have a lovely thing with your girls...here if you need a friend brotha.

Aug 15

@Toniscales would you please let me know about the depression and anxiety group please.


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